Rates & Services

We offer day care, overnight boarding (short and long term), bathing and complete grooming services.

General rates are listed below. Please feel free to call for a quote if your needs are not listed.

Doggy Day Care          $10/day.

This includes personal interaction and group play, if appropriate. Dogs should be fed prior to day care. We can provide a mid-day meal for a nominal fee.

Boarding                     Rates start at $20/night; additional pets receive a reduced rate.

This includes spacious accommodations and a fleece mat in the kennel. Dogs are exercised 6-8 times between 7 AM and 10 PM. We feed twice daily. You may bring your pet's food, or we feed Extreme Dog Fuel, a private label, highly nutritious food. We have found this food superior to others, even those that claim to be grain free. There are no fillers and very little waste.  We would be glad to talk to you about it.  All pets are fed in stainless steel bowls that are washed after every meal, and fresh water is available in every kennel and at various stations in the play yards. Please let us know if your dog is on medication. All medication should  be clearly marked with the dosage instructions and your pet's name.

Grooming                    Basic rates for baths start at $25 for small dogs, $35 for medium, $45 for large

Complete grooming rates vary depending on your dog's needs. We would love to discuss your pet's needs with you! Please call us at 936-560-3643. We love our jobs and your pets! Your happiness & theirs is our priority!

Large Animal Care at Your Location    We know what it means when the unexpected happens or life's opportunities call you away from your home and farm! We have been there! We are offering our experienced assistance for your livestock and peace of mind for you! Ask us how we can help!