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Our Story

Martin Kennel started with Gail and Doug Martin in 1994. They opened the first dog kennel in the Nacogdoches area. Before this, you had to board your pets at your vet. Doug's sister, Charlotte was a local groomer and she became a part of their story. Gail's natural affinity with animals led to her journey into grooming and pet care. She was amazing and everyone's pets adored her. Her firm belief was that there was no reason to rush or man-handle an animal. She let the pet set the pace and always treated it with love and kindness. Her animal clients loved her and couldn't wait to see her again! Doug and Gail ran Martin Kennel for 22 years. When Gail became sick, they eventually leased the kennel out in 2016, so they could focus on her care. After her passing, Doug took some much needed time to get his footing.


Martin Kennel is back in Martin family hands again, and we are doing things according to the proven model that Doug and Gail set forth. We are Steven and Becky Martin, the proud new owners. Our children, Chris and Cathy Martin are working alongside us to make Martin Kennel shine like a new penny! You can depend on us to ensure your pets are well taken care of!

Stop in and say hello. Look around. Tell us what you think. Bring your pets. Tell us your Doug & Gail stories!

We are waiting for you! The door is open!

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