Frequently asked questions

Do you need me to bring anything with my pet?

Other than proof of vaccinations, you don't have to bring anything with your pet unless you want to. We ask you not to bring bowls and we will give you your leash back as soon as we have secured your pet. We provide a safe atmosphere for your pet, but if you want to bring familiar items from home that you think will make them more comfortable, that is fine. Please don't bring anything that is precious as we will not take responsibility for the condition of any items left with your pet.

Do you give shots?

We can give your pet any shots you ask us to that are prescribed by your vet. We will store and administer your pet's medication as you instruct and as it is labeled. If there is a conflict between your instructions and the vet label, we will go with the label, in most cases. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions to medicine you bring to be given to your pet. We do not give vaccinations at this time.

Can my dog swim in your pond?

We are no longer taking the dogs to the pond to swim. We have, however, installed a wading pool for their pleasure and they are loving it! It is also much easier to get them out of!

Can you bathe my dog before I pick it up?

Yes! We would love to! Just let us know at least the day before. If you have scheduled a bath for your pet and you find your plans have changed, please let us know so we can adjust our bathing schedule. We like to keep them pretty once they are done!

Do you sell the dog food you use?

We do! We would be glad to set aside a bag for you. Give us a call!

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough or boardattella canine infections tracheobronchitis, or canine infectious respiratory disease, is an upper respiratoryinfection affecting is contagious and commonly contracted where large groups of dogs is spread through airborne droplets, direct contact (such as nose to nose touching), or contaminated is highly treatable in most dogs but can be more severe in puppies younger than six months, senior dogs and immunocompromised dogs. Symptoms are: • a strong, honking cough (this is the most obvious symptom) • runny nose
• sneezing
• lethargy
• loss of appetite • low fever
Kennel cough is easily treatable in healthy dogs, but it is important to report any cough to yow your vet because it could be a sign of a more serious disease. Canine distemper and canine influenza both start off with symptoms nearly identical to kennel cough. Other conditions that can cause coughing include: • collapsing trachea
• bronchitis
• asthma
• and even heart disease.